Reading Club

Orders from the Obido Reading Club can only be placed online!
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Looking to encourage your students to choose their own books? Want to add hundreds of free books to your school’s library?

Obido’s Reading Club is the only bilingual flyer program focusing solely on the Chinese market.  Many of our current customers previously ran reading club flyer programs from the US or UK that offer limited services in China and often included titles that could not be legally sold or imported into China.

As a local company, we provide:
  • Bilingual flyers in English and Simplified Chinese priced in RMB
  • 100% availability of the books we promote from a wide variety of publishers and several thousand additional titles for your families to select from online
  • Warehousing in China so orders are fulfilled within days of your school’s deadline and an option for parents to “Ship to Home” immediately upon placing an order
  • Books of interest to both expatriate and local families, including an extensive selection of imported English books, bilingual titles, bilingual pairs of English and Chinese books, audio books, Chinese learning materials and much more
  • Credits that can be used to purchase books and resources from our entire supply network

Obido’s superior processing systems also means adding a Reading Club Flyer program to your school is easier than ever.

With Obido you get:

  • Free posters and advertising materials, so you can promote the Reading Club
  • Flyers come grouped by class, so all you need to do is open the box and hand them to your homeroom teachers.
  • Online processing of orders at, which means no envelopes, no cash, and no orders to consolidate.
  • Each student’s order comes in clearly labelled bags, sorted and boxed by class, so receiving and distribution at the school takes minutes instead of hours.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can add the Obido Reading Club into your offerings to the families in your school community and click here to see digital versions of our latest flyers.