Book Fairs

Obido has quickly become the leading provider of book fairs and educational toy fairs in China.

At Obido, we understand that book fairs are not about selling books. Book fairs should be a part of your multifaceted effort to help your students fall in love with reading by providing them with multiple ways to choose their own books. This should include a strong library system, a reading club program and regular book fairs.

Obido makes organizing book fairs at your school easy and worry free. We provide schools with:

  • Free print and digital marketing materials
  • Books and other products delivered to your school free of charge
  • An Obido events team on site to run the event and process sales.
  • Wish lists, so children can order their favourite titles, even if stock is limited
  • All sales captured using barcode scanners linked to an iPad POS system
  • Detailed sales reports that identify the your students’ favourite books and themes and accurately calculate the Obido credit you’ve earned from the event.

Our goal isn’t to show up, throw books on a table and maximize sales. Our aim is to provide beautiful displays of English and Chinese books that get your students talking and excited about buying their own books. Books are well sorted by level, theme and language to ensure that all visitors can find suitable books quickly and easily.

We are also able to bring selections of educational resources for kindergarten and primary school-aged students, sports equipment, Crayola art supplies and other items to the fairs, based on your request.