About Us

Supporting Schools in China

Obido Educational Consulting Services Co. Ltd. was launched in 2012 by a lifelong educator with more than a decade of experience in Asia, with a dream of sharing his experience in developing and running schools with educators, families and children across China.

We know that starting up, running and managing schools in China is fraught with problems and difficulties. Obido offers school owners, principals, directors, coordinators and teachers turnkey solutions that enhance the offerings you provide to the families you serve, while working with you to stretch your budget.

By primarily employing experienced educators, Obido truly understands the challenges you are facing and offers products and services especially geared towards the Chinese market, catering to both Chinese and expatriate families.

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Management Team

  • Aaron Tearne

    Aaron Tearne moved to China from Canada in 2002 to begin his lifelong career in...

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  • Sunny Liu

    I’m Sunny Liu, working as Product Manager-Events at Obido.I have been working at Obido for...

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  • Kelly Xu

    I am Kelly Xu. I have 3 years direct sales experience in educational services. I...

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  • Nikki Ni

    Nikki completed her bachelor degree in Education Science and completed a TCFL certification course in...

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  • Chunyan Yang

    Chunyan Yang majored in Visual Communication. She has rich working experience as a senior graphic designer...

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  • Xiaoyu Guo

    Xiaoyu Guo has been working for 10 years, as an intermediate accountant. She has worked...

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  • Colly Zhang

    I am Colly zhang. I have had two years’ working experience in an Import and...

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Our Mission

1.To provide schools with products and services that improve the quality of the educational programs they offer to the children and families they serve
2.To encourage children to fall in love with reading and learning
3.To ensure educators have easy access to the books and resources they need to conduct meaningful instruction