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Sarah Brennan – Author Visit at QSI International School of Zhuhai

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Sarah Brennan grew up on the slopes of Mount Wellington in Hobart, which is the capital city of the beautiful Australian island state of Tasmania.
For years and years, becoming a published writer was just a dream for her, but when her husband and she moved to Hong Kong in 1998, she started writing a funny column for a local parenting magazine. Then the publisher asked if her had any children’s stories, and she dug out A Dirty Story from her pink plastic bag, and it was published that year.
Then in November 2007, she decided to take the plunge into the publishing business, setting up her own company Auspicious Times Limited.

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Book Fair at Shanghai Learning Beyond Academy

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It was so nice to come back to LBA and have a book fair! We had a big area to display books! Kids were happy to choose their own books!

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Book Fair at Canadian International School Kunshan

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We had a 3-day book fair at Kunshan Canadian School, and brought a selection of Canadian books. It was a great book fair! Looking forward to next one!

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Book Fair at Shanghai Harrow International School

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This was our first ever book fair at Shanghai Harrow and it lasted for 2 days! We had a big area for book display and met so many excited kids! Looking forward to our next book fair !

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Matt Holm: Author Visit at Shanghai American School

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Matt is back with his popular BABY MOUSE again to China! Today he visited Shanghai American School Pudong Campus, and tomorrow he will go to Puxi Campus!

Kids were thrilled to see their favourite author and got his signature!

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Matt Holm: Author Visit at Daystar Academy Beijing

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Matt is back with his popular BABY MOUSE again to China! Today he visited Daystar Academy, and he will visit the schools in Shanghai next week!

Kids were thrilled to see their favourite author and got his signature!

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